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Koi Girl Sticker Collection

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Original price $25.00
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Ogon - Well-endowed princess of the mermaid kingdom, though much more casual
about her status than is truly proper. She thinks it's cute how many people seem to struggle to look her in the face.

Tancho Showa
- Plump mermaid prone to raiding fishing nets.
The patterns of her black and white scales are sometimes compared to that of a cow.

Kohaku - Unusually friendly and curious.
She often wanders close to shore and enjoys the resulting attention and treats from humans.

Asagi - Collector and aesthete. Afraid of humans, but she studies them obsessively
from the shadows.

Hi Utsuri - Ill-tempered sorceress of the deep.
Her soft body is a symbol of status and helps fuel her powerful magic.

Official YoruNoEcchi Art. Do not distribute

Koi: Ogon