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Goths of Fodlan Standee Collection

por Bluuey
Precio original $25.00 - Precio original $150.00
Precio original $150.00
$25.00 - $125.00
Precio actual $25.00

Goth Byleth: The professor wanted to express herself with her clothes (that’s how this works, right?)

Goth Annette: She swears it’s not a phase!

Goth Marianne: Surely the Goddess won’t judge her for her newest look… 

Pastel Goth Bernadetta: She was willing to try a new style for once — How does she look? 

Pink Goth Hilda: Pink really does look good on her.  

Vampire Goth Mercedes: She won’t bite! Or so she says.

Character: Goth Byleth